PM Imran performs ground-breaking of Mohmand Dam

PESHAWAR.Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday performed ground-breaking ceremony of Mohmand Dam.

Speaking on the occasion , the prime minister thanked the people for contributing in the dam fund.

He said China has built thousands of dams of which 5,000 were larger than Tarbela and Mangla dams in Pakistan.

The prime minister said underground level of water in Pakistan has gown down to alarming levels and the dams were the only way to meet the demand.

He said the Chinese experts laced with modern technology would also assist the Pakistani engineers to complete the project.

The prime minister said he realizes the problems facing the tribal areas more than any other prime minister who have come to power.

He said the government would convince all the federating units to provide funds for the development of tribal areas from their share of NFC Award.

Highlighting the importance of development of tribal areas, he said war has destroyed shops and animals of local people depriving them of means of earning.

He was of the view that apathy towards unemployed youth can lead to disastrous consequences for the entire country.

Mohmand Dam

The water reservoir would be constructed on Swat River and it will be completed at a cost of over one hundred and eighty-three billion rupees by 2024.

The dam has the capacity of storing one point two million acre feet water.

It is expected to generate eight hundred megawatt electricity besides bringing about seventeen thousand acres barren land under cultivation.

Mohmand Dam is expected to solve the problem of water scarcity in Mohmand district besides saving Peshawar, Charsadda and Nowshera districts from floods.

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